EGI is unique among California environmental consulting firms in our philosophy, focus, approach and values. Get to know us and see for yourself what makes us stand out.


Ericsson-Grant, Inc. (EGI) is a certified small business enterprise (SBE) and Woman Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) California firm.

EGI is headed by founding and managing principal Kevin L. Grant. EGI staff has a combined work history that spans over 35 years. Collectively, our staff has worked in numerous cities and counties throughout California.

Mr. Grant founded EGI to meet a need that was lacking in the market. While there are a multitude of consultants, it is rare to find a firm that offers principal and senior-level environmental analysts for all of its clients. We pride ourselves on providing experienced staff to meet our clients’ needs and ensure well-written, thorough, and legally defensible documents. In doing so, EGI is both effective and efficient in delivering high quality environmental consulting services and documents.

EGI is dedicated to serving the public sector. Our clients include cities, counties, ports, special districts, and other public agencies. By working almost exclusively with public agencies, EGI avoids conflict of interest issues and is able to maintain superior standards of service.

Environmental planning, project management and lead agency compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) are EGI’s primary services.

Our Philosophy

EGI is intentional in our efforts to become familiar with the political climate and issues of concern specific to each jurisdiction we serve.

EGI builds relationships and has excellent rapport with our clients and sub-consultants. Our focus on responsiveness and continuous communication are key factors in our success. EGI’s philosophy is simple and proven: provide high quality service; deliver products on-time; and complete assignments within budget.

Our goal is not merely to meet the client’s needs, but to exceed their expectations through our demonstrated commitment to problem solving and collaboration. EGI provides a substantial value to its clients by providing principal and senior-level staffing at rates below most competitors. Our low overhead coupled with our ability to assemble teams to meet our clients’ specific needs demonstrate both our flexibility and affordability.

Our Focus

EGI is focused on providing high-quality principal level service and client satisfaction.

California is a complex environment in which to entitle, design, permit and build both public infrastructure and private developments. Projects face stringent regulatory requirements, a concerned environmental citizenry, and multiple, often overlapping, political jurisdictions. We understand California’s complexities and we know how to get difficult projects done through problem solving and open communication.

EGI understands the importance of early consultation with interested agencies as well as public outreach to bring stakeholders into the process. From experience we know the value of bringing constituents into the process with transparency. This approach leads to consensus building and diffuses the adversarial dynamic that often permeates controversial projects.

Our Approach

EGI approaches each project as unique.

EGI provides practical and timely solutions to complex environmental issues. We have served many agencies throughout California and attribute our success to our focus on understanding and meeting our clients’ needs in the most efficient and creative manner possible. No matter what the assignment, EGI is committed to identifying effective strategies for resolving project challenges. We are proficient at working collaboratively with agency staff and often serve seamlessly as an extension of staff.

Our goal is to assemble the best possible team based on the issues specific to each project as well as the expressed needs of the municipality, agency or jurisdiction. EGI has established relationships with numerous firms and experts throughout California in the environmental industry. Our vast network of contacts allows us the ability to draw upon the best expertise for any given project. Through teaming, EGI is able to provide customized service for each client we serve. Our staff can be specifically tailored to meet our clients’ varied needs and provide unsurpassed service.

Our Values

EGI company culture embraces values that prosper the well-being of our staff and the environment.

At EGI, we are group of individuals who love life and love being active. We enjoy working hard and playing hard. We know the satisfaction of a job well done and the rewards that come from keeping a healthy life balance. We know our effectiveness is at its best when we care for ourselves and our families, eat right and stay in shape. We embrace practices in our workplace which lead to a healthy lifestyle and a reduced carbon foot print through recycling and telecommuting.

EGI is committed to protecting the ocean, forest, and our precious natural resources. On a local scale, we invest in our communities and our business associates with a desire to enrich the lives of all involved.