California Ethanol and Power EIR


The California Ethanol and Power Sugarcane and Sweet Sorghum-to-Ethanol, Electricity and Bio-Methane Facility EIR analyzes a proposal for a 66 million gallon ethanol factory. Watch the video simulation of the proposed project.

The operation will generate 49.9 megawatts of electricity, 33 MW of which will be available for sale into the electrical grid. The factory will also produce 930 million cubic feet of bio-methane and 28,000 tons of inorganic fertilizer feedstock. The project also includes an agricultural program to cultivate 41,000 acres of sugarcane and 33,000 acres of sweet sorghum needed to operate the ethanol, electricity and bio-methane facility.

Mr. Grant is serving as the Project Director on this project providing oversight and quality control. Ms. Halajian is serving as Project Manager responsible for coordinating preparation of the document and managing subconsultants.