Eaglewood EIR


The Eaglewood EIR analyzed a proposed residential project located in unincorporated Placer County. The 475-acre Eaglewood project consisted of 184.6 acres of residential development (470 dwelling units) including single-family and single-family townhomes. A large portion of the project was devoted to open space and recreation.

Proposed recreational uses included a 5 acre village center; 276.8 acres of open space consisting of 151.4 acres of undeveloped open space, 6.7 acres of park, 11.5 acres for a clubhouse site, 106 acres for an 18-hole golf course, 1.2 acres for golf course maintenance facilities; and 8.6 acres of roadways. The project includes development of an internal circulation network of roadways, public and private trails, a single gated entrance, emergency access points, water supply improvements, connection to the regional sewer system, and improved storm drainage facilities.

This project is located in close proximity to the Truckee River, which is a 303d-listed waterway. Staff served as a project planner(s) on this project.



Placer County, CA


June 2006


CEQA Compliance