Campo Verde Solar Project EIR


EGI was responsible for the management and preparation of the Campo Verde Solar Project EIR. The EIR analyzed a 140-plus megawatt alternating current solar generation facility using photovoltaic technology on approximately 1,990 acres of private land in Imperial County. The project includes a solar generation facility and a 230-kilovolt transmission line (gen-tie). The six mile long gen-tie will connect the solar generation facility to the Imperial Valley Substation.

The public lands crossed by the proposed gen-tie are under the jurisdiction of the United States Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and are wholly within an area designated by the BLM for utilities and infrastructure corridors.

The project approved by the Imperial County Board of Supervisors was a reduced alternative that allowed the generation of the same amount of power with a smaller foot print. The Reduced Alternative affected 1,443 acres and preserved 547 acres of agricultural land.



County of Imperial, CA


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