Our commitment to minimizing our personal carbon footprint, as well as our clients’ is reflected in using electronic file sharing capabilities. The ShareFile system is an integral part of EGI’s daily operations.

Encryption and Protectioin

EGI’s commitment to the environment begins right here. The large technical documents used in planning and building services waste paper, create emissions in production and shipping and are expensive to produce.

Our partnership with ShareFile allows our clients, project team members, and EGI staff to share confidential files of any size. Unlike e-mail and FTP, which transmit your sensitive data in clear text for anyone to see, we use 128-bit SSL encryption and password protection to keep project files safe. This allows you to send, share, and access files and folders securely using any web browser and a high-speed internet connection.

Clients and team members who have been issued passwords can access the site where project document files are shared. You only need to enter your email address and password here.


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